Omitting the working process of a lubricator, oil filler, and oil channel

A lubricator consists of various parts including a simple grease nipple, oil pump, oil tank, and pipes.Besides them, extra costs for installing these parts are needed as well as for a more complex assembly process. Furthermore, it requires expenses and labor for the working of an oil-filling open on the shaft to be directed to the bearing and for the working of an oil channel.

You can achieve reductions in the costs and the above processes by using OILES BEARING.

Saving running cost

A bearing requiring the supply of a small amount of lubricant doesn`t pose any problem but a vast quantity of lubricant used annually is a headache for a factory with lots of machinery.

For example, with a 80,000kW hydraulic turbine, the traditional and conservative estimation is an annual quantity of grease of 100 litter needed to apply on the bearing.

OILES BEARING helps significantly reduce running cost by saving costs for lubricant consumption and for the maintenance and management of the equipment.

Retrieving lubricant and conserving the environment

Discharged oil during lubrication causes the contamination of working environments and water quality.
Despite today`s reinforcement of public nuisance control systems, the costs and labor for installing an oil-retrieval equipment are a hard-to-ignore problem in terms of production costs.
OILES BEARING helps protect the environment from the contamination and reduce costs for retrieving waste oil.

Saving maintenance cost

At a construction site, some dozen hydraulic backhoes are used that need to be lubricated for 21 elements on each machine.
In this case, background costs for ensuring oil-filling personnel, watching oiling negligence, and inspecting the lubricator are enormous.
OILES BEARING provides simplified maintenance or eliminates maintenance altogether in the cases described above.
Also, it efficiently helps prevent troubles including a defective lubricator or a clogged oiling pipe caused by inappropriate lubrication.

Reducing costs in design

Designing without consideration of the lubricating system(a lubricator, piping, and control of lubrication) simplifies the design structure and vastly shortens the design time.
It enables compact designing by the space saved by an omitted lubricating system. In addition, by using OILES BEARING, it achieves the downsizing of not only the bearing itself but of the housing and the shaft, resulting in the overall miniaturization of a machine and reduced material costs.
In designing the bearing, by using OILES BEARING standard products that have a wide-ranged dimension series, you can save designing costs.
Beside these merits, OILES BEARING with excellent wear resistance produces other advantages such as assuring long-term machine accuracy, ensuring reliability, and saving installation and integration time.