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Structural Equipment

Bridge bearing and Aseismic Devices for Bridge Girders

OILES Industry`s products are broadly used in the area of public construction that underlies urban development. Supports sustain the superstructure(a girder or beam) of overpasses and bridge girders, absorb deformation like expansion and deflection caused by changes in temperature and load, preventing effects on the substructure. Aseismic devices attenuate a huge vibration energy produced by seismic jolts and strong winds to which a structure is exposed to ensure safety. OILES Industry Inc. lines up a wide variety of products to match different sizes and applications of bridge girders. Many of them have been widely used in areas like railways or expressways.


Seismic-Isolating Equipment for Building Foundations

Seismic-Isolating literally means escaping vibration. The Structural Method for Escaping Foundations from Jolts defines installing a Seismic-Isolating device between a foundation and a building to isolate seismic shock from the foundation. The Seismic-Isolator is composed of laminated rubber and steel plates lead plugs. OILES Industry Inc. provides a excellent lineup of Seismic-Isolating devices to match different sizes and applications for a structure.


Seismic-Isolating Equipment for Building Floors

Since it is unthinkable to do without communications equipment today, safety measures against earthquakes are increasingly critical. The Structural Method for Escaping Floors from Jolts defines isolating structural vibration from floors. The method includes installing a Seismic-Isolating device under the floor inside the structure and building a structural-steel floor to create a floating floor. Absorbing violent seismic jolts, it guards instruments inside the structure against damage caused by a great earthquake, making this equipment an ideal choice for the applications at hospitals, IC plants, and bioclean facilities. Another advantage is that it can be easily set within the structure after the completion of work.